How I got here . . .
As the store name indicates, my life is a mishmash.            
noun:  a collection or mixture; hodgepodge; jumble. 
Exactly.  My.  Life!  Sound familiar?         

My site and product lines will reflect this eccentricity.  There will be items I find that I want to share along with items I choose to create for the day.  My goal is to present products that allow you to find what makes you happy to bring inner peace.  There will be favorite quotes and articles, or recipes, or a great video shared as well. 

If you are a parent of a special needs child like I am, finding inner peace can be quite a task at times.  Or maybe you've simply lost your way and need a path back to finding yourself. 

Being creative and making things is one of the ways I derive my peace.  Everyone has unique talents no matter who, how large, small, or walk of life.  Rediscover your talents.  Find new ones!

I don’t believe in labels and boxes.  Defy the restrictions of the box you’ve found yourself in.  Carve out a new path to inner peace.  Try out a different, brightly colored, new adventure box.  Try several.  What is life if it’s not whimsical and fun?  Find your happy and you'll find peace.

In health and happiness,